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Need help developing you or your brand?

We can provide you will the means to develop yourself as an artist.

In house production


Our Studios are fully equipped to provide services for music  and video production as well as photography and livestreaming all in one building.

About Artist Management

We are a creative digital marketing agency, specialising in audio recording, video production and photography.


Our Manchester studios are well equipped with the latest technology, ideally suited for everyone from industry beginners to experience producers, upcoming artists to A list talent.

Industry Connected

Tailor made

Working with absolute beginners to A list Celebrities Cotyso Management is the division of our record label and publishing company that is responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists with our serious contacts so you can get connected.

For us, the most important stage is getting to know our clients. Only once we understand their brand, personality and talent, can we produce media which accurately reflects what they have to offer. Based on your brief, budget and timescales we will offer a range of solutions, ideas and suggestions. From here we will create a storyboard of how the project will unfold, enabling us to plan the production in greater detail, and identify any materials that need to be prepared in advance.

Gear Available 

Our high production values are reflected in the substantial investment we have made in leading recording technology including a new SSL desk. COTYSO studios offer four floors of space dedicated to film, television, audio recording, photography and media tuition. This modern, bright space is well-equipped and comfortable to work in, providing a pleasurable and productive working enviroment.

Producers & Creatives Get Involved

Are you the next big Producer or Engineer? Have a project but need help? Video production, sound recording and photography can all be completed in our well-equipped studios.
We’d love to discuss your project if it passes our team approval we can get involved to deliver media perfectly suited to your marketing and communication plans.


Latest artist Development