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The Cotyso Club is a unique community for creatives of all ages and abilities. 

Overview - What is Cotyso Club

You can join the Cotyso Club for premium access to all things creative, members will receive plenty of perks and information.

You may love singing or dancing, maybe you enjoy video / music production, photography or theatre. No matter your interest you can use the Cotyso club to help you fuel your passion. 

As a member you will receive the following:

A monthly update on everything going on in our professional Manchester Recording studios.

Access to special discounts for both experiences and studio recording time - on anything on media and arts

Be the first to know when we will be hosting workshops and networking events.

Apply to appear in front of industry professionals 

View our educational opportunities - with the chance to work with top coaches, from vocal to dance tuition.  

The chance for your work to appear on our website or social media.

Who Have We Worked With?

Our Studios have worked with some of the best stars of the past decade and beyond. We have hosted number one bands like, One Direction, Take That, New Order, and Blur. Other Clients include stars like Noddy Holder, Ana Ivanovic and  The Ting Tings. 

As well as a vast array of world famous creatives, our studios have been used by companies such as the BBC and ITV for many different purposes. This includes work with global TV shows, The Voice UK and X Factor. 

Members of the Cotyso Club will be able to submit there performances forward to our team, who will review all entry's for submission to both The Voice and X factor.

Songwriter Session

November 23, 2017

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Club Updates

November 3, 2017

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What will I have access to?

Many events take place in our Manchester recording studio, many of which will be beneficial to creatives. 

This will include : 

Educational Workshops

Networking events to meet and connect with other people in your field

Private tutoring 

Digital resources 

All Cotyso Club members will have access to early release content and behind the scenes exclusives before anyone else. This might be a music track being produced by our excellent engineers or a video/photo from our team!

Monthly Update

As a member of our exclusive club you will be able to get an inside look at what is going on in our professional studios each month! 


You will be able to see what projects we have been working on, who has been in our studios and find out how you can get into our studios to work on your own projects!



Special Discounts

As a member of our club you will receive a special discount for our many services in media and arts.


So if your an actor looking for new head shots, or a musician looking for a rehearsal space you will be able to get what you need at a discounted price.

We will be running different discounts each month - so check your news letter to see what's on sale this month. 


What Happens In The Studio

We work on a wide variety of project with many different professionals, using industry standard equipment to bring our creative vision to life. 

We have done work with photographer, video producers, content creators, musician, bands, singers, dancers and actors. As part of the Cotyso club you will be able to use the same studios and people that all of these people have used. 

More To Come In The Future

We are always looking for more things to add and share with the Cotyso club, so be on the lookout for even more exciting content and projects in the future.

July 14, 2016

With the music scene in Manchester being so exciting, I love discovering new Mancunian bands that have every bit of potential to be the next big thing. I came across The Marivaux through suggestions from friends, I'm yet to see them live but I'm looking forward to their single launch in November. Last night The Marivaux dropped their new video for the song 'Birds and the Bees' which is to be the bands newest s...

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