Investment opportunity

1394 Ashton Old Road 

M11 1JX

0161 612 3091

1394 Ashton Old Road, Manchester, M11 1JX

Options Purchase Premises

Option 1 / 2 / 3

  1. Purchase whole freehold property with an option to have guaranteed rental income.

  2. Purchase whole freehold property, full vacancy (TBC)

  3. Invest in the new Business Venture POA


Contact : Stuart 07305 547625

About the Platform investment

About the Project

I own the whole building and business for over 12 years, I have NO DEBT. and the building brings in it own work without marketing I have two options going forward to start the new project on my own or get investment.

The paltform has taken 

Reason for selling.

current owner going live with the new platform looking for serious investor/s

The purchase options


  • Property freehold ownership. (3 floors and storage) 

  • Guaranteed rental income of either of the floors.

  • Two floors and large storage remaining for rent or personal use


current owner has NO DEBT and has an extremely reliable history for 11 years in the Current building.

The building benefits from special rates due to it current application and reliefs!

Workspace for Creatives

Multipurpose w space for creatives in design, art, music, craft, fashion, film, performing arts, software etc.

A hybrid space


Three floors of textured design open-plan spaces to inspire, promote creativity and facilitate mobile working.

Studio 1

Studio 1 - first floor 10m x 10m vaulted ceiling room, open floor plan, accessible via wide stairs, with natural daylight, blackout blinds, optional pantograph system for adding lighting equipment, paper background,  makeup station, dressing room, garment rack, tables, chairs, sofas- armchairs- mirror props, WiFi etc.

15 mins from Piccadilly Station        

See Studio 1 in the video above


Studio 2

Studio 2 - ground floor 100sqm high ceiling room, 80% flexible open-plan space, seating area, projector/widescreen, kitchenette with sink, microwave, mini-fridge, coffeemaker; sound system, speakers, music instruments, upright piano, baby grand piano, lighting equipment, microphones.

15 mins from Piccadilly Station        

See Studio 2 in the video above


Studio 3

Studio 3 - ground floor acoustically treated 28sqm room, mixing console SSL desk, music instruments, seating area, full window to studio 2.

15 mins from Piccadilly Station        

See Studio 3 in the video above


Studio 4

Studio 4 - ground level 36 sqm open space,  4m ceiling, two photo backdrops grey/white, green-screen wall,  beches, console, computer, wifi, pantograph system, bathroom, backstreet access.


15 mins from Piccadilly Station        

See Studio 4 in the video above


Studio 5

Studio 5 - top floor 80sqm, overlooks Studio 1, 2 seating areas with sofas/ armchairs coffee table, kitchen, shower, meeting table, arched window, and decorative staircase. Ideal space for sitting/client area, meetings, film/photography, broadcasting, make-up area, wardrobe/dressing area, talent lounge, production suite

15 mins from Piccadilly Station        

See Studio 5 in the video above


Studio Hire

Versatile, Multipurpose, Open Plan, Unique space, Flexibility, 5 Studios, Green Screen wall, Located 10 minutes from the city center, 3rd-floor glass viewing lounge/gallery inc kitchen facilities,


Full-service rental house in Manchester, that gets you what you need, for all your creative projects. Please give us a call to arrange production rental supplies,  organize your special event, space hire, talent referrals etc.