Girls Pamper Day

This experience is designed to reward your team with a fashion make over and professional cover shoot

Bring the whole team for an experience

Fancy a day to help your team build better connections 


Corporate Parties

Hire our venues for your team

Welcome to COTYSO, We are one of the few prestigious recording studios to open our doors to corporate parties.

We have hosted names like One Direction, New Order, Blur

Anna Ivanovic and Andrew Sheridan. We could host your company too. 

Cotyso Studios offers something unique and adventurous for your company. 

Everyone has been on a corporate party where you go for a meal or drink. Only at Cotyso Studios can you party in the same building as the stars that perform your favourite songs. 

An experience guaranteed to motivate your team to reach new heights. 

What do we offer

A whole new experience

On-site, we offer something never seen before for corporate parties. At Cotyso we have hosted many different live events, from bands like New Order performing acoustic sets to athletes like Ana Ivanovic performing work out regiments. We are fully equipped with industry standard equipment that means we can live stream your teams time in the studio.

Our studios can be converted for any use, so if you want to use our studio to live stream a board meeting to the rest of your company, you provide us with the meeting and we will provide a HD, professional live stream. Our building can also provide space for up to 100 people. 


We aim to provide what you need to motivate your team and build your brand so if you want to hire a motivational speaker to speak at your event or provide seating and food for your whole team we can accommodate your needs.

Once the buisness is done for the day and its time to unwind you and your team can record a song, produce a video or have a photo shoot, it's up to you to mix and match.

This allows the whole team to enjoy themselves and build better relationships. With Cotyso you can both team build and live stream your buisness across the globe. All whilst being indoors, so no matter the weather your party will be safe. 

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