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Workspace for Creatives

A hybrid space

Here you can create, advise and develop your own career, others careers and most importantly widen your reach and the impact you can make in the industry. We have so much to tell you and want you to know we have contacted you individually because we love your portfolio and believe this role should be fulfilled by you. Have a scroll through our page to read about what your title entails...

Multipurpose w space for creatives in design, art, music, craft, fashion, film, performing arts, software etc.


Three floors of textured design open-plan spaces to inspire, promote creativity and facilitate mobile working.

Who is an Audition Expert?

Firstly, The Audition is a new platform which has been in development for the last 4 years and is now in need of our experts. With major investments in the site and with interest bubbling The Audition is going to be a hub for the music industry, where people can witness, support and contribute to individuals who are on their own musical journeys. For all those signed up to the site they will have access to multiple aspects of The Audition which current platforms do not currently offer; TV content and clips are available to watch, everyone on The Audition will have their own home page filled with personal content, as well as a page full of experts in a variety of fields with their advice made accessible. There is also the opportunity to crowdfund albums and personal music development all through the platform, whilst discovering other artists on the site and nurturing talent and potential through collaborations to shape the industry from within.


                                                                                      Therefore we have reached out to invite you to be one of our experts. 

An expert on the site will have their own channel, within which regular weekly content will be uploaded to their page and that content provides individuals on the site wanting to learn and be given advice at their stage in their journey, an opportunity to hear it directly from someone in the industry with knowledge to share. The term expert within the audition will provide you with a position to influence the way the industry works and the opportunities you can provide for music hopefuls and enhance your own career and impact on the industry by collaborating with the site. On a monthly basis we ask for 1 day a month which will include a 2 hour long session filming content for your page. Within this time frame we will have 15 questions broken down into 3 minute long answers from our ‘expert’, with limited editing on the final clips so content is relatable and familiar for those tuning in, searching and clicking on your content. We will therefore have extensive directory of music industry professionals in your city. The development of our hub is rooting itself first in Manchester, before being rolled out from here. We would like to begin in an environment which our experts live and work within.


We have the filming studio space and investment in our sets in COTYSO recording studios, an independent studio space, however we can film the content both on site or on location.


What do Experts have to offer?

For everyone involved in creating The Audition we want to help mould the industry going forward by creating TV content, encourage and support upcoming talent and allow those with experience to share and establish themselves on a platform with potential business exposure and a way to network yourself and those signed up to the site can book your services for their next project. Via the platform. The investment we are building is in people and potential and are ensuring the experts on the site have found and contacted individually to ensure the best collection of influencers moving forward. There will not be any contractual agreements and no payment for the site, The Audition will be an investment in expertise and through the site and filming dates will also be our collide sessions. These clips will see experts from different fields collaborating on content to reach further questions and content for those on the platform to follow and watch. Experts will have the opportunity to meet and chat at collaborative events hosted on site before beginning creating content. 

Ultimately we want to welcome you to The Audition platform and would love to talk further on a phone call soon. We look forward to your response and any questions are welcomed as we hope to see your name under an expert page very soon.

Studio Recording Space

Versatile, Multipurpose, Open Plan, Unique space, Flexibility, 5 Studios, Green Screen wall, Located 10 minutes from the city center, 3rd-floor glass viewing lounge/gallery inc kitchen facilities,