Our studios can accommodate your ideas.

Our studios offer a variety of spaces, so no matter what you have in mind we can accommodate your vision.

Livestream across the web.


We are also fully equiped to stream across the globe, using specialised equipment your seminar, workshop or perfomance could reach your audience on the web.


Ana Ivanovic working with our production team.


Media Productions

Video viewing via desktop and mobile devices is rapidly increasing, giving your brand the potential to reach an ever growing audience. But despite a large proportion of views taking place via a handheld device, your audience still expects a top quality production.


We aim to create videos that have the look and feel of a feature film, regardless of their duration, or delivery platform.


Whether you have the entire film clearly mapped out on storyboards or just a few stickmen in a notebook, we can help your visions become reality.


We can deliver the complete video production process from concept outline to post-filming editing, or just the elements you need.


We start by getting to know you and your organisation, as well as the goals you have in mind for this video. By keeping your values and objectives in mind throughout the production process, we're able to deliver a professional video that you are proud to associate with your enterprise.


Our standard 1080P Full High Definition format delivers the quality required for most projects, with feature film quality 12 Bit RAW format available on request.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos are no longer staid, boring and informational. Gone are the days of a scripted man sat behind a news style desk imparting knowledge to the captive audience.

The latest generation of tech-enabled companies and their innovative approaches to marketing have given rise to a new age of engaging, entertaining and memorable corporate promotional videos.

We don't do bland and generic videos. We make blockbusters in miniature form. We create videos so engaging, viewers are able to suspend their thoughts about their impending dinner, and ignore distractions calling them from outside the window. Within the first few seconds, their full attention will be sucked into the sounds and images emanating from the screen, enabling you to deliver your message clearly and effectively.


But enough about us, because your video is all about you. The final product will be distinctly yours, interwoven with your brand's personality and style, making it instantly recognisable as yours, and clearly distinct from your competitors.


The production process varies according to the client and the film they need, but overall it follows this three-stage pattern.


As part of the pre-production process we get to know more about your company, the goal's for this video, and how this project fits within the context of the wider organisation's objectives. Through storyboarding, we will map out the essential elements of the video, and from here we can make plans for details such as props, locations, actors and backdrops.

Next it's time to start filming. We can do that. Or you can hire our equipment and do it yourself.


Finally, once all the necessary footage has been recorded, we spend many hours editing it to create a post-production masterpiece.

Three Steps


Where all great videos begin. Share your thoughts, scribblings, or well thought out plan and we will create the storyboards needed to complete the pre-production process.

Take One

When you're ready to film your mini-blockbuster, we can provide the film crew, location and even the props and scenery if you like. Or we can just loan you our equipment if you prefer.

Sit Back And Enjoy

Once the footage is all wrapped up, we take care of all the post-production work. All that's left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the finished product. You can be as involved or detached as you wish. Hand over a brief and leave us to it, or be the producer, director and star all-in-one. Our video production team can work around you, providing the expertise and advice needed at every stage of production.

Film Production

Short Feature Films

Our film may only be short, but it can still be mighty. Compact yet awesome, brief yet beautiful.

We take your ideas and the message you wish to communicate and weave them together in a short film with blockbuster production quality.

We've got a full production team here just waiting to be unleashed on your project. Writers, directors, producers, all primed and ready to go. We can provide you with a full film crew and every type of support you could need throughout the production process.

Not sure you need the full works? We're a versatile bunch. Tell us what you already have in place and the support you need from us to get the job done, and we will provide the necessary equipment and people.

If you've got your storyboard mapped out, location sorted and all the props and people needed to appear on screen, we'll happily provide the equipment or camera crew to capture the footage.


Or perhaps all you have so far are some ideas scribbled on a crumpled piece of notepaper, shoved into your back pocket. Share them with us, and we can turn them into a professional video with high production values that your company will be proud to be associated with. And we won't tell anyone that it started life on a crumpled piece of paper.

Post production / Video Editing

Slow Motion

Once we've captured the footage needed to make your video, we take care of all the editing and post- production to deliver you the shiny, polished finished article.


We're a versatile bunch, and our video editing experts are happy to turn their attentions to footage recorded by someone else. Our experienced editors can create the final cut for feature films, shorts, and broadcasts. We can also add text and title graphics. And if you have footage in need of restoration, we can help with that too. Stabilising, sharpening, clipping, cropping and colour correction: we can do whatever is needed to rejuvenate the footage and improve its playback quality.

So if you need a team to convert raw footage into a finished video, get in touch today to discover how Elijah Club can support your project.

If your project requires slow motion videography, Elijah Club can provide the equipment and expertise needed to deliver a top quality video.

Good quality slow motion video requires a high-speed camera. A camera capable of capturing a high rate of frames per second will record the action in sufficient detail, so that when the footage is slowed down, the playback quality remains high.

Music Videos

We have music video packages to suit upcoming bands launching on a tight budget, big spending A-listers, and everyone in between.


The first step is the same for everyone. We discuss what you need, the budget you have to invest, and what your goals for the video are. With that information in mind, we will propose some ideas that offer you the biggest bang for your buck.


Once we've agreed on an approach for your music video, we will provide the equipment and operators needed to capture the footage, then complete the post production processing needed to develop the finished video.


For those wishing to reach a wide audience, we can deliver broadcast quality music videos. Our crew can take care of every aspect of production, including finding a location and sourcing any models, actors and supporting artists required.


Newer bands and artists can reach a wider audience on a limited budget using our alternative music video packages. At the simplest level, we can overlay graphics of your lyrics to the pre-recorded track to create a lyrics video. Alternatively we can record a performance either in our studios or at the location of your choice, and edit it to create a live action music video.

if you after our experience days for videos check out...

And thanks to some nifty built-in technology, you can review the footage immediately, to verify you've got exactly the shots you wanted.

Whether you want to create a dream-like state in a music video or capture the finer details of an epic stunt, slow motion videography adds a new dimension to your production.

Our slow motion / high-speed camera is highly portable, enabling us to travel to your location for the shoot. Attached to the back-end of the camera will be our highly skilled, well-trained slow-motion cameraman, primed and ready to follow your directions and offer his suggestions.

Broadcast Video

This is our premium music video package, delivering a high-quality music video suitable for broadcast on TV.


This production requires time, planning, and a bigger crew, all of which can be supplied by Elijah.


At our initial meeting, we will discuss your ideas for the video, and the budget you have available to invest in its production. Our goal is to create the most amazing production, within the time frames and budget specified by you.

Ideas for the video will be captured in a storyboarding exercise. From here we will identify the crew, location and equipment needed to capture the required footage. Models, actors, props, locations and backgrounds, we can provide just about everything except the music. Once all the footage has been recorded, we'll take care of the post-production, carefully editing the video until it reaches broadcast quality standards.


Together we will produce a music video reflecting the talent and personality of its stars.

Location Video

A location based music video is a fast and affordable way to showcase your band to an international audience.

The package includes use of our studio to record the footage. Conveniently located just ten minutes from Manchester city centre, Elijah offers everything you need to create your music video and have great fun doing it. You will find all the equipment needed to create top quality audio and video recordings, plus a warm welcome, great hospitality, and plenty of space to spread out.

We provide all the lighting, equipment and crew needed to capture your performance. All you need to do is turn up with your instruments, voices and music, and do your thing in front of the cameras.


Within a few hours, you will have a professional quality music video to share with fans across the world, raise your profile, and recruit new followers.

Performance Video

Like our location video package, this provides an affordable way to spread your music and reputation across the world.


You find the location and we'll capture your performance. The package includes used of our equipment, cameramen and post-production activities.


Our talented cameramen can adapt to your setting, and lighting conditions, to create a live action video that truly reflects your talent, energy and enthusiasm.

Lyric Video

When a live action video isn't an option, a lyric video is a quick and easy way to create something which can be shared on social media and YouTube.


We take your audio recording and overlay text of the song's lyrics.


This option is especially useful for album tracks that don't require a full music video, but you would like to share with an international audience via the Internet.


Many established artists use these videos for album tracks, or when they wish to release a video quickly, and don't have the time needed to shoot a live performance video.


By adding a visual element, we convert your audio recording into a shareable music video, with far greater potential to reach a new audience than the original sound only offering.

After recording the footage, our team will return to the studios to make use of our cutting edge post-production technology. Once sliced, trimmed, cropped, enhanced, and stabilised, your finished music video will be ready to share with an international audience via platforms such as YouTube.


A performance video offers a fast and affordable method of getting your band scene by people who would not otherwise see you perform live.

This is the cheapest and simplest form of music video production we offer.

Animated Video

We can create animations for film, broadcast, background visuals, corporate events, music videos and more. Whatever you need an animation for, we can create a video to fit the brief.


The stages involved in producing an animation video are very similar to a live action production: pre-production, content creation, and editing.


Initially, we will have a discussion about the objectives you have for the video, budget, timescales and any ideas you have worked on. The more information you can supply us with, the better able we are to meet your goals. How will the video be disseminated? Will it be viewed on small handheld devices, TV screens or via a huge projector? Will it be sandwiched in the middle of a longer live action video, as part of a presentation, or stand alone? If you don't have all the answers yet, don't worry, we'll work them out together.


Once the content has been created, we'll run it through our post-production process, to seamlessly blend audio and visual effects and produce the final animated video.