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Hi Alexa, 

thank you for the enquiry for the 12th of December 2019

The most popular package is the "Corporate Pop Star Party"


1.Recording all together as one group to a backing track of your choice ( maybe to a Christmas classic )

2. Following the big group take, separate recordings of 6 groups for the "Battle of the Bands" 

3. Every group records in a separate studio a video and has a photo shoot for an album cover. ( one group at the time whilst the others have refreshments )

Cost breakdown


  •  63 Singers x £15  - Total £945 ( usual cost is £25/person)                                 

  •  3 to 4hrs  party experience (can be longer if necessary)                                 

  •  Finished CD master of all singers and group take                                   

  •  Separate group recordings (6 off).                                   

  •  One Group image for the Cd in Digital format


Extras:  edited video of the whole day using green screen is £300

              edited images of the whole day approximately 200 images £150


We have other experiences ( please see video below) these are bespoke and would need to be storyboarded to get an accurate cost.

If you have any other questions please contact me.

Best regards



Multi purpose studio spaces  for a variety of uses, from media production to livestreamed seminars.

Studio 1

Studio 1 is a 10m x 10m room with a vaulted ceiling and full panto graph system for adding lighting equipment. (Panto graphs can be removed for a cost) otherwise panto graphs will be in the room. (see video)

This room is on the first floor and is accessible via wide stairs. Featuring opaque windows that can be covered with blackout blinds.


Studio 1 is overlooked by studio 5 which can be blocked off for privacy


Studio 2

Studio 2 is a 10m x 10m room with a vaulted ceiling. The room features a lot of studio equipment such as mixing desks, speakers and instruments (not included with the room hire) as well as a table and sofas - which can be removed. 

The room also features a bar, recording booth and mixing desk that cannot be moved.


Studio 3

Studio 3 is our main mixing room - featuring a flagship SSL desk (one of the best in the UK). The room is 7m x 4m 

The room can be used for various purposes such as mixing - recording - filming and even photography. It also features 2 large cupboards and a sofa (see video) if need the sofa can be moved


Studio 4

Studio 4 measures 7.2m (length) x 5m (width) x 3.7m (height) - it has two photo backdrops, one grey and one white - should you need a different colour you will need your own to cut to size.


The right wall has a green screen and there is also a mixing desk and benches in the corner of the room (see video).


This room also includes it's own panto graph system (non-removable) and bathroom.


Studio 5

Studio 5 overlooks Studio 1, this is possible to close off for privacy. The room includes a kitchen worktop, cupboards and bathroom for use. The room is 10m x 8m

Sofas can be added or removed from the space. There is also a spiral staircase and 1 window .