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This package is great for your band, whether you've been performing for a decade or just started. Record your own track or cover a song by another artist. 

With this package you will get

  • A full day (8 hours) of recording in our purpose built studios

  • Recording by a professional and qualified sound engineer. 

  • Use of the SSL, our state of the art mixing desk and industry standard microphones.

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WAS £575



Live recording with instrument isolation to allow a great feel during your performance. Great quality saving on time and price. Traditional tracking method also available.


With this package you will get

  • A recording session of 2 hours in our prime studio - reserved for professionals.

  • Have your takes mixed and mastered by a qualified engineer.

  • Professional microphones available to record your instrument .

0161 612 3091

WAS £299




We use industry-standard equipment and techniques for all of our music production. This includes the solid-state desk to a wide variety of microphones. All to use to produce your track, original or cover!

With this package you will get

  • Record your song for 2 hours using our isolated vocal recording booth.

  • Work with your sound engineer to get the best out of your vocal takes.

  • Record on the solid-state logic desk - one of the best in the UK.

0161 612 3091

WAS £299



Tell us what you need for your video, We aim to create videos that have the look and feel of a feature film, regardless of their duration, or delivery platform.

Complete video production process available (videos shot in our studio only)

With this package you will get

  • One video, filmed and edited to a high quality standard.

  • Filmed by a professional and experienced videographer.

  • Please note that this package does not include any audio recording

0161 612 3091

WAS £499

Studio 1 SSL

Latest Super analogue SSL console

Use of £1000's of quality mics

Seasoned qualified engineer

Neve suite

Pro Tools HD

All waves plugins

Software £1000s

Rate from £45 p/h

Room hire from £300

Studio 2 Live

Large 10 sqm live room acoustically


Drum Kit

Sound Booth


Live recording setup

Live streaming setup

Rate from £45 p/h

Room hire from £300

Studio 3 Photo

High vaulted ceiling

10 sqm natural light studio

Pantagraph systems

Blackout blinds

Wired to record up to 24 track 

Live stream setup




Rate from £45 p/h

Room hire from £300

Studio 4 Video

Full edit suite premier pro

Pro tools control24

Green screen

Pantagraph system

7m x 5m

Bathroom and dressing room 




Rate £45 p/h

Room hire from £300

Studio 5 Gallery 

10m x 8m white floor

Beautiful furniture

Bespoke kitchen

Ideal for various productions

Overlooks Studio 3 

Option to close of viewing  


Rate £45 p/h

Room hire from £300

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