At COTYSO recording studios we have the experience, expertise and equipment
to support every aspect of Audio
The SSL desk

We use high standard, professional equipment for all of our music production. From our solid state desk to a wide variety of microphones.

Recording studio gallery

Need music for a media project? We deliver
high standard, custom written music for your needs.

Sound Recording

At COTYSO studios we have the experience, expertise and equipment to support every aspect of sound recording.


We can help with music composition and arrangement scoring and musician casting.


Experienced music producers will find all the equipment they need to produce a top quality audio recording, in comfortable, modern, spacious surroundings.


Those newer to sound recording will benefit from the support of our head engineer, who will walk you through the process and talk you through the gear.


Our studios are suitable for demo recording, corporate media creation, music recording and incorporating sound effects to a soundtrack.


Our fully equipped, professional recording studio is just ten minutes from Manchester city centre, within easy reach of Manchester Piccadilly train station and Manchester Airport.


On-site you will find a bright, modern recording studio, with a top end SSL desk. Kitchen facilities, break-out space and changing area are all available to ensure your visit as enjoyable as it is productive.


We have experience working with solo artists and big name bands (One Direction made a promotional recording here). The studio is suitable for recording all types of music from classical to thrash metal and everything in between. All you need to supply is the music, we can provide all the equipment and skills needed to do it justice.


If you'd like to check us out before you place a booking, feel free to pay us a visit. Drop us an email, or place a call to arrange a date and time convenient to you, and we'll be happy to give you a guided tour.

If your looking for our experience days check out here....

Services and Equipment


Our live spaces offer a variety of acoustic responses from big and live explosive sounds through to tight and punchy dead sounds. The main live room boasts “100” Sq meters of floor space.


Our audio is processed at the highest quality through our SSL AWS 900+ SE console featuring that classic ‘SSL Sound’ and converted by top of the range Avid HD I/Os.


We also have a wide variety of pre-amps, outboard and microphones to suit every creative demand.

Mixing is a critical stage in the audio production process and can enhance an already brilliant track.

With the combination of analogue and digital processing within our grasps we can achieve the sonic vision for any project from rock track to classical scores.

We have 24 analogue lines of SSL circuitry with E and G Series console EQs


Using Pro Tools HD 10 & 11 software and Waves plug-ins we have total control over the processing and instant recall for any necessary tweaks.

We also offer an ‘Online Mixing & Mastering’ service for any projects that need to be collaborated on remotely on just the mixing and mastering stages.

The Studios house an eclectic array of fantastic equipment from the pristine and high quality to the quirky and colourful. The microphone locker features a collection of ribbons, large & small diaphragm condensers and dynamics for every application.

We have pre-amplifiers from SSL, Neve, Focusrite, TL Audio and many more and of course the unbeatable quality of the SSL AWS console. Along with this the studio has a selection of monitor speakers that can be brought into each studio if pre-requested.

For any sessions requiring equipment the studios do not have at hand this can be hired at additional cost if requested up front.

SSL AWS 900+SE Console

Solid State Logic Desk




ART HeadAmp 6

Behringer Powerplay Pro 4


Roland JV-1010

Roland D-110

Roland GR-20

Line 6 POD XT Live


Pro Tools HD 10 & 11

Waves V9

Toontrack EZDrummer 2



Neve 4081

Focusrite Liquid Channel

Focusrite OctoPre MKII

TL Audio Ivory VP-5051

Line 6 POD X3 Pro

Citrionic AP215


Avid HD I/O 16x16 analogue (x2)

Available Microphones


Coles 4038                       

AKG C414 XLS                 

Neumann U87 ai             

Blue Baby Bottle              

SE 2200aII                       Audio Technica ATM33a 

MXL Mugami                    

Rode NT1A                       

Samson C03                

AKG D112                    

Electro Voice RE20      

Shure SM57                

Shure SM58                 

Electro Voice N/D767  

Red5 RVD1                   

Red5 RV4                      

Red5 RVD9                    


Blackstar 45 Series-One        

Blackstar HT1

Orange Dark Terror            

Vox Valvetronix

Freshman AC60R                    

Line 6 4x12


Any instruments required for your recording can be discussed prior, should you need any equipment hiring this can be arranged with the studio at an additional fee.