July 14, 2016



Ballboys are a UK based charity that aim to raise awareness about the important of being self aware when it comes to testicular cancer. They works with sports stars and comedians in order to help them get the important message across to young men. They carry out school interventions to educate people on how to be self aware and the importance of checking themselves regularly. The most important thing they do is provide resources through their websites that help people who are concerned or worried about having testicular cancer. On 24th November, Ballboys are holding an Spiderman Ball which is a fashion, entertainment and sporting dinner event that will be held at The Hilton Gateshead. The event is helping to raise funds for Ballboys and will be joined be stars from Newcastle United FC. They're also celebrating for their friend Jonas Gutierrez beating testicular cancer - he missed out on 17 months of plating football after being diagnosed and beating the disease... twice! Something worth celebrating and raising awareness of the disease. - Keep your eye out for updates on how the event went soon! In order to help their fundraising, Cotyso Studios have donated vouchers to Ballboys which will enable the winner to come into our studios for a recording experience. To donate to the cause visit or text Balls to 70080    

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November 23, 2017

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November 3, 2017

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