How Cotyso helps charities for fundraising

July 14, 2016

Each year, Cotyso Recording Studio works with a certain amount of charities in order to help them with the fundraising.


How it works:

  • Apply to be considered to receive vouchers

  • If your charity qualifies, we would send out vouchers to you via post

  • The vouchers are worth £200 plus, and would be used by you for fundraising purposes

  • After they have been distributed, you'd be back in contact with us about details

  • Cotyso would keep in contact with you to discuss any projects we could help with in the future

To apply, please fill in this form.


Read below for full details


Our company would be happy to help charities by donating vouchers that you can use in order for fundraising. These vouchers would entitle the person receiving the voucher to come into our professional recording studio in Manchester for a recording experience and working with our professional engineers and photographers, find out more about the experience's we can offer here.


The parties we are offering are Junior,  Silver and Popstar Party The vouchers that you would receive would be a physical item you would give out.


Giving vouchers out to charities does often yield a return for us as when people come into our studios for the experience they are always left feeling very happy that they’ve had such a great time and usually recommend us to others.

Cotyso would be interested in doing further work with charities on a regular basis, this would be a helpful way to promote us as a business and you as a charity.

If you follow this link, you will be able to see the charities we have worked with in the past. If your charity does qualify for vouchers you will be featured on our blog post, we want this to encourage our customers to donate to good causes.


If we are able to work with you, this is what will happen next...

  • We will send out the vouchers to you by post, the vouchers you receive will look like this

  • These vouchers can only be used for fundraising, and we suggest that the best way to do this is in an auction, in the past this voucher has raised over £1000 in auctions.

  • We do ask that you collect some information about the person receiving the voucher (name, number and email address) and then send this over to us by filling in this form.

  • Once we receive information of who has received the voucher, we will get them booked in to have their experience here in the studio.

In the past we have worked with many charities, local companies and larger companies have both benefited from these. We've has large companies auctioning these to raise money, for example Coronation Street held an event and auctioned the voucher for £1250, and all of that money was donated to a charity they work with.


However,  we've also had more local and smaller charities who have raised smaller amounts by using the vouchers as a raffle prize.

The vouchers we donate can vary, but they are worth £200 and onwards, but the charity can chose to sell them off as they please, as long as it's used for fundraising.


About our studios



We can provide an experience for anyone, and everyone who leaves our studios are always left feeling happy with our services. The person who receives the voucher would benefit from both donating to a good cause and enjoying their experience in our studios. We have had big acts such as One Direction and New Order in our studio - this can encourage people to buy the vouchers as Cotyso studios is a part of musical history.

Unfortunately our studios are in an old Victorian building and therefore we don't have disabled access.


Again, if you'd like to apply for this please fill in this form, and if we choose to donate to your charity we'd be in touch as soon as possible.

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