Moo Haven

July 14, 2016

Moo Haven is a family run charity that was founded in 2007. The founder, Linda, had always wanted to own a rescue centre and managed to start this by accident. There was no initial planning into opening the rescue centre, it was just a phone call asking her to take in 3 horses, but luckily enough she’d just secured a field, even though it was run down she managed to get a safe place for the 3 horses. After that it was onwards and upwards for Moo Haven… Word spread about what they were doing and before they knew it they populated with ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and chickens!   They knew that if this was going to be done, it had do be done properly which meant raising £5000 to prove they were going to be a genuine and serious charity. After 10 months of non stop dedication for fundraising and overtime in work they finally got there. Linda said “I don't know what drove us because looking back it all seems a little hazy, not much sleep a lot of work and cheap food, we got excited when the chickens laid eggs - it meant our toast would be garnished that night!!  (yes it really did get that bad).  Now we are a registered charity with volunteers and 1 part time employee.  All of us still work full time but different shifts so some-one is always at Moo.  I work 12 hours 3 days a week which is tiring but it means I have a whole 4 days to play with ponies!”   They had a Halloween ball over the weekend where they managed to raise £2434.50, which will cover their running costs for 2 months.   This weekend they’re having a local fundraiser which is at their local pub in Nottingham this weekend where a live band will be playing.  - Check back for updates of this event!    -


Rita & Beau arrived at the centre a few weeks ago  -  




Rolo  -




Emily arriving to the centre -





Emily a year after being in the centre, a lot of progress was made!  





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November 23, 2017

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November 3, 2017

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