Songwriting Seminar

November 16, 2017


About The Songwriting Seminar


With this course you will learn the secrets to becoming a professional songwriter and how to get your songs into the charts?


We will help you take your first step into learning how the professionals make money from their music. You will be shown the techniques and fundamental songwriting lessons you need to know to write better, catchier, more popular songs.


You’ll also learn how and who to contact to get your music out there and heard by different labels and businesses. Thanks to our decades of industry experience and music network, we’ll even point you in the right direction if we think we can help you.



Should I Go?


People of all levels of experience will be able to benefit from the songwriting seminar, from novices to seasoned writers as it covers not only the basics but will also provide the expertise of a professional writer. There is something new to learn for everyone. All will be able to enjoy the seminar and get involved.


Musicians looking to break away from the endless circuit of open mic nights and one off performances will be able to start working towards creating there own material. The seminar will show you how to create a song that you can be proud of, and how to find the right people to get it out there.


Not only will you benefit from the seminar but you will also be able to attend the post seminar event where musicians, singers and songwriters can all meet. 


This seminar can help people from musicians and singers to producers and songwriters. Learn what's new in the industry and boost your songwriting. Get to know how to write the best song possible. If your doing it for money or for the passion this seminar will help push your skills. 






Should I bring an instrument to the seminar?


The best thing to bring to the seminar is enthusiasm to learn, so you can get the most of what the seminar offers. None of the seminar will require an instrument of any kind. 


I can’t sing. Should I miss this seminar?


Not all songwriters can sing, some of the best song writers can't hit a single note. However there passion for songwriting and the techniques they use have allowed them to write one of a kind tracks! So regardless of your singing ability you can still attend this seminar.





Is this just for pop and chart music?


The techniques that we will be teaching in the seminar can be applied to all types of music. So regardless of what genre of music you write you can learn something new from this seminar


How Else Can I Improve My Writing?


Cotyso Club will be hosting many different events in the upcoming future to help with not only songwriting but many other aspects of audio recording so keep an eye out!


When is this course?


Dates TBC


subscribe to the club to learn when this course will be available






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