After Effects An Introduction

November 17, 2017

After Effects, You've probably heard of it at some point in your life, if your reading this I would hope so. If you haven't then you should know that after effects is one of Adobe's most powerful tools, especially when used in tandem with the other Adobe products like Photoshop. You've probably heard about after effects ability to create reality altering effects, seen in movies over the past few years. You've probably seen someone use it to create something incredible on youtube - even if you didn't know it. 


However that's not all that after effects is capable of, you can use it for a variety of different purposes, fix footage, create professional motion graphics, animate text (because why not - you could make a lyric video) and achieve much more with much less. 


With this course we will introduce you to the basics of after effects and let you get to grips with the program in a way that would take months to learn by yourself.


When is this course?


Dates TBC


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