After Effects : Motion Graphics

November 17, 2017

Don't know what motion graphics are? I'll tell you, motion graphics are a multitude of things. By definition it is a graphic (as in graphic design) that has momentum or movement. This could be an animated logo, animated text (not to be confused with animation - we have a course on that too) or even a transition. Motion graphics often combine image and text to tell you something! you've seen these videos plenty of times. 


So if your looking to learn how to add motion to a logo for a video intro, how to animate text in a dynamic and energetic way or just have a general interest then this course will help you achieve that. 


Passion and creativity are key to learning motion graphics, but with those there is little you cannot create. This course is great for those that took the "After Effects : An Introduction" course and are looking to develop skills - especially with using key framing - that are more specific and specialised. It will also help those that are looking to develop there understanding of motion graphics.


When is this course?


Dates TBC


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