Composing Soundtracks

November 17, 2017

Those who have an interest in developing a cinematic soundtrack for a piece of film or media will enjoy this course. 


When a soundtrack is done correctly then your audience won't even know its there. This course will look at how you can score a piece of music that will complement the action on screen and give it life and emotion. Music is a key part of any cinematic production and without it many of cinema's iconic moments would feel hollow and empty. 


Creating a piece of music is different to crafting something for the big screen (or even the little screen nowadays). This course will help you see the difference


This course can be taken by anyone with an interest in music as what you learn in this course can be applied to many different areas of music production.


When is this course?


Dates TBC


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November 23, 2017

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November 3, 2017

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