Transmedia Storytelling

November 17, 2017

Stories can be told in a multitude of different ways, with new channels and possibilities becoming possible as technology advances more, virtual reality alone opens up a vast amount of tools and options that could help us tell a story in a whole new way.


There are a lot of formats available to the modern storyteller and this course will help you utilise and even combine these formats to help you tell that story that's stuck inside your head.



This course will naturally benefit a storyteller that is open to the idea of using new media and platforms to tell there tale. Being open to the idea of trans media story telling means that you will maximise the effectiveness of the course. So if it's something that you find interesting, come along to learn. If it's something that fuels your passion and lets you unlock that literary tale from with in, then come to create and unlock your full potential!


When is this course?


Dates TBC


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